The University of Southern Mississippi Department of Art and Design is a fully accredited member of NASAD (the National Association of Schools of Art and Design). Degree requirements for all degree plans are in accordance with the published regulations of NASAD.

The Department of Art and Design has grown steadily over its sixty-plus year history and is proud of the many professional accomplishments of its alumni.

Art courses have been offered at the institution since its inception in 1910. The initial degree programs in art began in the 1940’s. Today’s department is comprised of an extensive range of visual arts programs. While the majority of today’s students are enrolled in professional degree plans such as Graphic Design, Drawing and Painting, and Sculpture; all areas of study are vibrant with increasing enrollments.

A very special component of the Department of Art and Design is The Museum of Art. The Museum offers quality exhibitions including international, national and regional traveling shows, as well as numerous exhibitions of current student and faculty works. The museum is a meeting place for people from across the university and the community, and is considered a key destination for visitors. It is a laboratory for students of the visual arts to see and witness impressive work from both past and contemporary artists and gives young artist/designers a chance to showcase and defend their work.