2021 Annual Juried Student Show

The Annual Student Show is a juried exhibition of works produced by Art & Design students in the School of Performing and Visual Ars at Southern Miss. This greatly anticipated annual event is presented each spring and gives students the opportunity to exhibit their creative achievements in visual arts produced over the past year and compete for awards in various categories. The student show features work from studio courses in art foundations, drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture, and several categories in graphic design.

The 2021 Annual Student Show was juried by Tommie Rodgers, Registrar for the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel, MS; Devin Bonner, Graphic Designer for EW Bullock Associates. Pensacola, FL; and James Davis, Sculptor and Studio Technician, University of West Georgia, Carrolton, GA.

This year’s student show award winners will be featured in a virtual walk-through gallery, to be posted following the awards reception. See link at the bottom of the page.

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Date //

March 23 – April 22

March 25 – 6pm
Awards Ceremony

Tickets //

All Museum events are free and open to the public.

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2D Design Foundations and Color Theory //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention: Callie Simoneaux, “Cooling”

3rd Place: Calvin McNair Jr, “Julie the Ribbon Girl”

2nd Place: Malana Tennessee, “Color Variation”

1st Place: Kriscia Martinez, “Studio Problem 29”   


Drawing Foundations //

Category Winners

3rd Place: Andrew Mayers, “Hand Gestures”

2nd Place: Kriscia Martinez, “Drawing of the Head”

1st Place: Niusha Karki, “Ghost”


3D Design Foundations //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention: Jessica Oglesby, “Up and Away”

3rd Place: Karson Gunn, “Wire Composite”

2nd Place: Rashad Bullock, “Rhythm”

1st Place: Karson Gunn, “Masking Tape Shoe”


Printmaking //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention: Ryan Jones, “Pressed 1”

3rd Place: Caitlin Finch, “Skull and Flowers”

2nd Place: Caitlin Finch, “Self-Portrait 2”

1st Place: Caitlin Finch, “Self-Portrait”


Figure Drawing and Upper Level Drawing //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention: Cherish Dempsey, “Mastercopy after Annibale Carracci”

3rd Place: Maggie Edwards, “Date Night”

2nd Place: Ashley VanderKooy, “Seated Still Life”

1st Place: Sydney Schrimpshire, “Bowl O’ Rice”     


Painting //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention: Maria Altendorfer, “Master Copy of Still Life by Pissarro”

3rd Place: Sydney Schrimpshire, “Studying Nudes”

2nd Place: Deborah Elam, “Derain Mastercopy”

1st Place: Sydney Schrimpshire, “God’s Fruit – Patience”


Sydney Schrimpshire, “God’s Fruit – Patience”


Ceramics //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention: Chelsea Vincent, “Heart of Stone”

3rd Place: Carlin Beal, “Indigenous”

2nd Place: Maggie Edwards, “Dichotomy”

1st Place: Maggie Edwards, “A Murder of Crows”    


Sculpture //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention: Candace Floyd, “Interpretive”

3rd Place: Jonathan Ambion, “Control”

2nd Place: Jessica Oglesby, “Psychologically Invasive”

1st Place: Bethany Pace, “Delicate Motion of the Six Dancers”


1st Place: Maggie Edwards, “A Murder of Crows”


Digital Photography //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention: Maddie Seale, “Movement”

3rd Place: Jamison Watson, “Loves Me Not”

2nd Place: Maria Altendorfer, “Wonder”

1st Place: Jamison Watson, “Unself Portrait”


Identity and Branding //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention, Caitlin Finch, “Secret Society Invitation Set”

3rd Place: Conner Smith, “Muan Coffee Shop Branding”

2nd Place: Jamison Watson, “Squiggle”

1st Place: Deborah Elam, “Elevate ID Kit”


Illustration //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention, Sydney Beech, “Smoky Mountain Memories Cards”

3rd Place: Samantha Nguyen, “Dublin Murder Squad Series”

2nd Place: Michael Gammill, “What is Art?”

1st Place: Travis Cumbest, “Dead Herrings Board Game”    


Packaging //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention, Brittney Brown, “Clairvoyant Pale Ale”

3rd Place: Madelynn Payne, “Zalig & Zacht Coffee”

2nd Place: Michael Gammill, “Empress Gangan Black Tea Stout”

1st Place: Madison Copeland, “Fredelig Sjel Coffee Bags”


Print //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention, Madison Copeland, “Fredelig Sjel Look Book”

3rd Place: Conner Smith, “Cemetery of Forgotten Books Series”

2nd Place: Madison Copeland, “Covid Journal”

1st Place: Irrie Catchings, III, “The Border Trilogy Book Series Covers”        


Typography //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention, Deborah Elam “Erosion”

3rd Place: Kerrigan Jackson, “Fizzy”

2nd Place: Jamison Watson, “Madame Willow”

1st Place: Samantha Nguyen, “Typography Info-graph”


Motion Graphics //

Category Winners

Honorable Mention, Travis Cumbest, “Ozymandias”

3rd Place: Sydney Beech, “Her Story Social Media Ads”

2nd Place: Samantha Nguyen, “We Are Here”

1st Place: Jamison Watson, “Coke Classic”   

Web Design //

Category Winners

2nd Place: Samantha Nguyen, “Accents Home & Gifts”

1st Place: Irrie Catchings, III, “The Border Trilogy Book Series”


1st Place: Irrie Catchings, III, “The Border Trilogy Book Series Covers”


Gallery Tour of Winners //

*Note virtual tour is best viewed in Google Chrome

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  • deanna douglas says:

    Stunning work by young artists who can compete with any area of the country. Nice to see variety and unique approaches to visual expressions. This is a fantastic visual art program. Kudos to everyone, especially the graphic design program.

  • Samantha Burkett says:

    So amazed by the artistic community at Southern!

  • Caterina Gulli Ventura says:

    Congratulations to all of our students! The Show is amazing!

  • Gwen Combs says:

    Thank you for this wonderful art show!

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