Vagine (pronounced vay-jean) is a feminine care line specifically focused on vaginal health and women empowerment. Through my research, I discovered that anything involving the vulva is a taboo subject amongst society. Because of this, women were made to feel shame about mentioning the vulva, which led to a lack of knowledge about vaginal health. This project exploration was intended to empower and educate women about their body, simultaneously creating a brand that de-stigmatizes natural menstruations of the vagina.

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Johnica Thompson

Hey! My name is Johnica Thompson, but you can call me Jay. I was born and raised in Jackson, MS and have always been in love with arts and crafts. While being a student Southern Miss, I found a love for different design areas such as ui/ux design and publication, while also developing an interest in printmaking, photography, and book binding. When I’m not designing, you can catch me with my nose in a book, with a power tool in hand, or with me stuffing my face!

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