Xin Chào Baby

For my senior capstone, I decided to base my project on something I would enjoy researching and designing for. Being Vietnamese-American, I felt that it is important to stay connected to my culture and other children and people should do the same. With a growing problem of Vietnamese children not getting enough learning exposure, the company Xin Chào Baby was created. This research project is Vietnamese education for toddlers with the main product being flashcards. I also created packaging, an animal sounds booklet, and advertisements.  My design choices were geared towards children, and doing extensive research led me to a lot of my decision making when creating these pieces.

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Samantha Nguyen

Hello! My name is Samantha Nguyen, but most people call me Sam. I was born in Jackson, MS but have lived in Gulfport, MS for as long as I can remember. I received my Associates Degree in Art at MGCCC before transferring to Southern Miss to pursue a BFA in graphic design. I am a Senior Designer for the SPVA Design Team where I contributed to a handful of designs, and even produced some award-winning work! I have gained such a big interest in typography, motion graphics, layout/publication design, and web design from my time here at USM. I have always loved typography and it could be because of my skill at hand lettering that I picked up around 2014. Being known for hand lettering is a cool recognition I’ve gotten while being in the program. I believe being a type or web designer would never bore me, and if that is where I end up in life, I would be the happiest person ever.

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