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The Art & Design Program at USM has one of the strongest studio foundation programs in the southeast. Our foundation course sequence is an introduction to the study of delimited problem solving at a professional level and provides a basis for advanced study in our emphasis areas.

The Drawing & Painting area has three full-time faculty with a combined total of 100+ years of professional university level teaching experience. Our undergraduate students go on to study at the best graduate programs in the country.

The ART 428 Senior Capstone Project in Drawing & Painting is the creation of a unified body of 2-D work that culminates with an exhibition in the Gallery of Art and Design. The independent creation of visual 2-D works constitutes the core activity of senior capstone project. Over the course of one semester, the student will create a series of paintings and/or drawings that read as a cohesive investigation of the proposal for study.

A successful senior capstone project demonstrates:

  • Ability to clearly define a definitive, visual problem.
  • Ability to sustain independent study of some depth and duration.
  • Grasp of skills appropriate to the area of study.
  • Professional standards in terms of overall quality and presentation.

The Senior Capstone Project in Drawing & Painting also includes both a written and oral component which satisfies the university’s capstone requirement. A definitive proposal for study that features the student’s current strengths and abilities in their chosen area of drawing and painting is to be written at the beginning of the project semester. Over the course of study, this initial proposal will be expanded to include documentation of the discovery phase of the project, a summary of project outcomes and a conclusion. An oral presentation and defense of the initial proposal and an oral defense of final project outcomes are also required at the time of exhibition.

Date //

Tuesday, Dec. 1 – Dec. 11

Tickets //

All Museum events are free and open to the public.

Artist Statement //

To me, painting is all about color interaction, and drawing is about value interaction.  In my paintings, I work with an overall majority of cool hues, but with a slight addition of warm color for contrast. The colors I choose are what makes or breaks my painting. I primarily work with a combination of violets, violet reds, blues and grays, but with yellow added for contrast. It’s all about the color. Since I have begun my journey with painting, I have been interested in the interaction and combination of color. My goal for this exhibit is to achieve perfect harmony in my painting, through the subtle use of color and the color transitions.  -Darius Harris

Gallery //

Gallery Tour

Artist Bio //

Ever since I was a small kid, watching my mom paint in the kitchen and my brother draw comic book characters, has always been a source of inspiration. You could also say, that I never grew out of my enjoyment and appreciation of cartoons and illustration. Living the majority of my life in Mississippi forced me to find ways to entertain myself. From working with gum and construction paper, to cotton and tape, and now working in oil paint and graphite on paper, my life has been continuously tied to art.  I originally made art as a hobby, but as it started to become a priority in my life, I decided to change my major from biology to visual art. Now here I am, working on my senior capstone in painting and drawing, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

About the Museum of Art

Our mission is to enrich the educational and cultural experience of the university and Hattiesburg community; while at the same time serving as an educational platform for students of the Art & Design program.

The University of Southern Mississippi Museum of Art was established in 1997 by The Mississippi Institute of Higher Learning Board of Trustees, as an expansion of the C.W. Woods Gallery founded in 1977.

In 2014, the Art & Design program and the Museum of Art moved to a new location in the historic George Hurst Building on Southern Drive. The newly completed Gallery of Art & Design, a 2000 sq.ft. contemporary art gallery in George Hurst, is now the primary exhibition space for the Art & Design program and Museum of Art exhibitions and events.

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