SPVA Ceramics Presents: Spring 2021 Wood Fire!

The USM Train Kiln was built in the summer of 2017 with students and faculty of the art department. The building, preparation and firing process of this kiln is a community effort. It takes a community of dedicated students, local potters, regional artists, art professors and art supporters in joint effort and time to load, fire and unload the train kiln. Local businesses such as Ally Cats Axe Throwing Company, Axe Smith, and Bill Rainey Mill Works donate used wood to fuel our train kiln.

The firing crew stoke the kiln continuously for 3 days straight. As the wood burns, the flame roars through the kiln, carrying wood ash and brushes around the hundreds of pieces of pottery inside the kiln. At the height of the firing, the kiln can reach temperatures north of 2400F, and the wood ash melts and turn into beautiful, yet unpredictable glazes.

Date //

April 26th – 7 p.m.




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Art + Design

Stacy Reischman Fletcher – Professor in Dance, Director, School of Performing and Visual Arts

Allen Chen – Assoc. Professor, Ceramics

Jacob Cotton – Assoc. Professor, Graphic Design

Jennifer Courts – Assoc. Professor, Art History, Program Coordinator

Janet Gorzegno – Professor, Drawing and Paining

John Mark Lawler – Assoc. Professor, Graphic Design

Linh Nguyen – Assistant Professor, Graphic Design

James Meade – Professor, Drawing and Painting

Marcus Michels – Assoc. Professor, Foundation Coordinator

Mark Rigsby – Assoc. Professor, Ceramics, Gallery Director

Jennifer Torres – Professor, Sculpture

Caterina Ventura – Administrative Specialist

Nicole Scannell – 3D Technician

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