Visiting Artist Stacey Rathert

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March 9, 2018

USM Art + Design has had the honor of hosting a three day art experience this week with the visiting artist, Stacey Rathert, all thanks to The Artist Guild for sponsoring this event! Stacey Rathert is a sculptor and an adjunct professor for sculpture at the University of Mississippi. The first and third day of this event consisted of demonstrations on her process for sand mold making for metal casting. A specialty of hers is a multi-part mold of a three piece teacup set used as a test in foundries to determine skill. Stacey also went over techniques for the students to use in future projects.

The second day was split into critiques on student’s work and also an evening lecture. For the critiques, Stacey spoke to each sculpture student individually to discuss possible improvements on their work and gave them advice based on her own experiences and tips and tricks she has learned from other artists. During the lecture, Stacey Rathert gave the audience a personal background to explain her inspiration, discussed how she improved over time, and also talked about how she balances her teaching position with her personal projects. This was a fantastic experience for all those who had the opportunity to attend, so make sure to keep an eye out for future events like this by following USM Art + Design on social media or checking the calendar!


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