Our New Virtual Home

As one can imagine it can be difficult to have traditional art experiences in the middle of a pandemic, but those experiences are important for a healthy life. Art experiences are also important to our students and are pivotal to their growth and education. This semester the faculty and staff of the School of Performing and Visual Arts have worked hard to help create safe environments for our students to learn and work in. This virtual space is the result of some of those efforts. 

Throughout the performance and exhibition season our students and faculty will still be creating and performing, and they want you to be a part of that experience. This space has been created so that you can watch our performances and view our exhibitions so that you can see what wonderful work they make and enrich your own lives. 

As the year moves forward there will be more material and information added to this space to help you enjoy these experiences and to get to know us just a little better. So, please be sure to visit and check out the many pages of this space and return for more.