April 16, 7 p.m.

Repertory Dance Company: Dancing with Technology

Date //

Friday, April 16 – 7 p.m.

Broadcast Live!

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$5General Admission

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Program Information //


Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Tim O’Toole

Music: “Suspicion” by Drehz and “Harp On” by Man In a Shed

Performer: Damion Seymour

Production Assistant: Kaitlin Mizell

Ready or Not

Choreography, Direction, Editing, & Videography: Jade Long

Music: “Inharmonious Slog” by Photay

Performers: Kaylee Holley, Timothy O’Toole

Production Assistant: Gabryele McCroskey

The Opposite of Lost

Choreography, Direction, Videography, and Editing: Brooke LeGrow

Music: “U in the Orange Light” by Raccoon with a Groovebox

Performer: Jaylen Williams

Production Assistant: Caroline Ellzey

Direct Submergence

Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Rodarius Washington

Music: “God Moving over the Face of the Waters” by Moby

Performer(s): Kathryn Marchand, Mikail Samuels

Production Assistant: Emaleigh Ousterhout

The Essay

Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Carrie Sullivan

Music: “The Typewriter” by Leroy Anderson

Performer(s): Gabby McCroskey

Production Assistant: Noelle Prince

Are Dreams Linked to Reality?

Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Damion Seymour

Music: “Slip” by Elliot Moss

Performer: Jayme Carroll

Production Assistant: Emma Armstrong

Embracing the Uncomfortable

Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Kathryn Marchand

Music: “Fear” by Sleeping at Last

Performers: Morgan Goodwin, Rodarius Washington

The World Around Us

Choreography, Direction, Editing: Jaylen Williams

Music: “Toxic Love” by Prod. Dior, and Myles Jacob

Performers: Gabby Bass, Caulondra Davison, Keldric Holmes

Production Assistants: Cast

5 Minute Intermission

Petrichor: the smell of earth after rain (excerpt)

Choreographer: Jennifer Archibald

Restaged for USM in a physically distanced version by: Axis Dance Company

Music: The Shaman’s Heart II by Byron Metcalf & Steve Roach and In My Room by Fennesz

Friday Night Dancers: Emma Armstrong, Kathryn Marchand, Katie Milligan, Mikail Samuels, Natalie Sunseri, Brittany Tolbert

Saturday Night Dancers: Ayanna Coleman, Natalie Davis, Carley Elliers, Kaylee Holley, Jelica Jenkins, Brooke LeGrow

Rehearsal Directors: Katherine Moore, Candice Salyers

Videographer: Pashion Hinnant

Lost in Translation

Choreography, Direction, Editing: Ayanna Coleman

Videography: Ayanna Coleman in collaboration with Emma Armstrong

Music: “To Speak of Solitude” by Brambles

Performer: Caroline Ellzey

Production Assistant: Emma Armstrong

Say It

Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Brittany Tolbert

Music: “Lockdown” by Amy Lee ft. Dave Eggar

Performer(s): Frances Davis

Production Assistant: Aki Holder


Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Katie Milligan

Music:  “Journey of Life” by Clouds of Calm

Performer(s): Meagan Cobb, Jade Long

Production Assistant: Emaleigh Ousterhout

How Can You Hate Me When You Don’t Know Me

Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Pashion Hinnant

Music: “Colours-Black Lives Matter Spoken Word” by Licy Be, “Make It Home”/”Life Lessons from Amber Mama” by Tobe Nwigwe

Performer: Jelica Jenkins

Production Assistant: Kennedy Fleming

Point of View

Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Kaylee Holley

Music Composition by: Josh Sanford

Performer: Pashion Hinnant

Production Assistant: Jalyn Roberson

Assistant Videographer: Josh Sanford

Serotonin on the Rocks

Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Morgan Goodwin

Music: “Help! – Live from The ABC Theatre, Blackpool, UK/1965 / Anthology 2 Version” by The Beatles

Performer: Linnea Blakemore

Production Assistant: Caroline Ellzey


Choreography, Direction, Editing, Videography: Jelica Jenkins

Music: “Ocean” by Hazy

Performers: Ayanna Coleman, Brooke LeGrow

Production Assistant: Shakeena Manning

Directors/ choreographers/ videographers/ editors:

Linnea Blakemore
Ayanna Coleman
Morgan Goodwin
Pashion Hinnant
Kaylee Holley
Jelica Jenkins
Jade Long
Brooke Legrow
Kathryn Marchand
Katie Milligan
Damion Seymour
Carrie Sullivan
Brittany Tolbert
Timothy O’Toole
Rodarius Washington
Jaylen Williams

Production Assistants:

Emma Armstrong
Caroline Ellzey
Kennedy Fleming
Aki Holder
Shakeena Manning
Gabryele McCroskey
Kaitlin Mizell
Emaleigh Ousterhout
Noelle Prince
Jalyn Roberson

Program Information:

Gabby Bass

Faculty and Staff //


Stacy Reischman Fletcher – Professor in Dance, Director, School of Performing and Visual Arts

Julie Hammond – Professor in Dance, Dance Program Coordinator, Associate Director, School of Performing and Visual Arts

Leketha Hughes – Administrative Specialist

Brianna Jahn – Assistant Professor in Dance

Kelly Lester – Professor in Dance, Director, Center for Faculty Development

Katherine Moore – Assistant Teaching Professor in Dance

Dr. Candice Salyers – Assistant Professor in Dance

Lauren Soutullo Smith – Assistant Teaching Professor in Dance, Repertory Dance Company Director

Sandra Whittington – Administrative Specialist



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