Theatre Design & Tech: Virtual Theatre

On the edge of technology and live theatre: a presentation on virtual theatre at USM

Combining pods and the virtual backgrounds the Theatre Program is able to accomplish more than the typical zoom production. Direct from Jay Morris, the Technical Director:

“We were able to use various camera angles and integrate movement and composite the actors so that it appeared they were in the same space. By creating this 3D environment, we were able to create a dynamic visual for the audience while preserving live theatre.

As a group of professors and grad students, we believe that we are encouraged to experiment with theatre. We are allowed to take risks while in school that other theatres may not be able to take. We began this year with nothing but very simple knowledge of 3D programs. By experimenting with various programs, technology, and equipment we are capable of putting out live theatre again.”

Date //

February 24 – 3:00 p.m.




Presentation and Q & A //

Please join us via zoom for the video presentation with the Q & A to follow.

Meeting ID: 962 4650 6702
Passcode: D&TVirtual



Faculty and Staff //

This event is brought to you by the Theatre Area of the SPVA


Robin Aronson – Professor of Voice and Acting

Theresa Bush– Assistant Professor of Costume Design

David Coley- Assistant Professor of Theatre, Producer

Craig Dettman– Associate Professor of Lighting and Sound Design, Production Manager

Wes Hanson– Scene Shop Supervisor

Monica Hayes– Professor of Acting, Head of Performance

Caitlyn Herzlinger– Assistant Professor of Movement and Acting

Leketha Hughes– Administrative Specialist

Kelly James-Penot– Costume Shop Supervisor; Adjunct Faculty, Costumes

Stephen Judd– Professor of Scenic Design, Head of Design and Technology

Jay Morris– Assistant Professor and Technical Director

Louis Rackoff– Professor of Directing, Head of Directing

Sandra Whittington– Administrative Specialist



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