Lessac Kinesensics Training

Lessac Kinesensics Training

Lessac Kinesensic Training is a comprehensive and creative approach to developing the voice and the body in a holistic way, resulting in greater flexibility and power and improved expressiveness and communication. Kinesensics identifies simple but potent natural behaviors of the body (“familiar events”) which become powerful, organic instructions for creating desired improvements in vocal or physical function, resulting in a more healthful, enjoyable life. The Graduate voice curriculum provides three years of intense voice and speech training for performers focusing on vocal health for actors, voiceover acting, dialects, heightened language, musical theatre and more.

Lessac Voice and Body Intensive Training Information

As a part of the MFA Graduate Voice curriculum, Robin Aronson, Professor of Voice and Acting, established a one-year Lessac voice and training curriculum. Aronson is a Lessac certified voice and body trainer, past President of the Lessac Training and Research Institute and the 2020 Recipient of the Lessac Institute’s leadership award.

Lessac curriculum is based on Professor Aronson’s experience teaching the Kinesensic voice and movement curriculum at the University of Rijeka in Croatia and at the Lessac Training and Research Institute Summer Intensive. Professor Aronson has taught the Lessac work in 7 countries. At Southern Miss, Aronson designed and implemented a plan of study for graduate students to engage and learn the Lessac Kinesensic voice and body work for one year as the foundation for voice and speech work in the classroom as well as in production. After the training is completed, students are eligible to achieve practitioner status toward Lessac certification.

The Lessac one year training program to offer Lessac practitioner eligibility at Southern Miss is the first graduate program in the world to offer this curriculum through the Lessac Training and Research Institute establishing the University as a global leader in kinesensic voice and body training.

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